The newpaper "Courrier de Port Grimaud" :

barre Port Grimaud

       From April 1968 to August 1970, a monthly magazine "le Courier de Port Grimaud" was published on the initiative of François SPOERRY...

barre Port Grimaud

"a reflection of the inhabitants" :

       Few Port grimaudois still remember this newspaper, which recounted the key events and festivities that shaped the history of the lakeside town, as well as the progress of the works.
       But above all, with hindsight, and by going through the various issues found, he testified to a formidable enthusiasm worthy of the 'conquest of the west', for this adventure, this incredible bet of the architect: to build a real village where everything was to be invented and done...

       François SPOERRY, in the first issue, wrote:
"This sheet will be the reflection of the inhabitants; it will be their newspaper, their forum, their means of expression. Through it, everyone will be informed of the life of this community of friendship."

Le courrier de PORT GRIMAUD
barre Port Grimaud

Here are 12 n° of the "COURRIER de PORT GRIMAUD". :

       15 issues were published. I have not been able to retrieve 12 of them. numbers 8 and 9 which I am still looking for... If any of my readers could have these 2 issues in their possession, I would be most grateful if they would lend them to me while I make a copy...

Courrier 1    Courrier 2    Courrier 3    Courrier 4    Courrier 5    Courrier 6    Courrier 7    Courrier 8    Courrier 9    Courrier 10    Courrier 11    Courrier 12    Courrier 13    Courrier 14    Courrier 15   

barre Port Grimaud

The new monthly publication :

Le courrier de PORT GRIMAUD

       On the day of the opening of the exhibition, the whole of PORT GRIMAUD was there, around Mr François SPOERRY, already quite ill but radiant and delighted by such a tribute. He was even more surprised and delighted to receive as a gift a copy of the brand new 'COURIER de PORT GRIMAUD' that we had recreated for the occasion.

       In view of his happiness at seeing this little newspaper he had created reappear, we decided to continue this adventure every month.

A total of 7 issues were published, from December to June 1995...

       But with the season and the overload of work at the Atelier du Crabe, we had to stop the publications which required a lot of time and energy...
       We did not resume publication after the season...

Le courrier de PORT GRIMAUD
barre Port Grimaud

"Once upon a time PORT GRIMAUD" :

       In 1994, in love with this small Provencal village, and noting that this community of friendship no longer existed, the idea came to us to set up an exhibition on the origins of the lakeside town, so that each resident could discover or rediscover the crazy adventure of the creation of PORT GRIMAUD.

       With the support of the architect who opened his office to us, and with the enthusiastic support of his entire team, but also with the help of the director at the time Mr. OGEDA, we were able to inaugurate this exhibition which lasted 6 months, on 15 December 1994.

la 1ere esposition
The poster of the exhibition..
barre Port Grimaud

La Presse wrote about it :

       We got the "NEWS" from 'NICE MORNING' and an article in 'VAR MORNING'
Le Var port grimaud Var matin port grimaud
barre Port Grimaud

M. SPOERRY à l'exposition :

       What a pride to be with this great man, to have seen him so surprised and happy when he discovered our exhibition, to have discovered him deeply moved in front of the copy of the brand new "Courrier de PORT GRIMAUD" !
Thank you Monsieur SPOERRY...

( Dedication of Mr SPOERRY on the copy of his book that he offered us that day )
dedicace yves lhermitte
barre Port Grimaud

During the exposition :

       A picture of some of the shopkeepers around me. They all came, proud to be in the company of the architect...
Les commerçants de Port Grimaud
barre Port Grimaud


       The crêperie "l'Atelier du Crabe", our canal-side establishment, closed in February 2001.
       But do you know why our establishment was called that?

barre Port Grimaud

  the work of François SPOERRY...

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