The fish of Port Grimaud :

barre Port Grimaud

       As soon as the work began, François SPOERRY wanted to associate his budding city with a symbol, a logo... It was a fish !

barre Port Grimaud

Several drafts :

poisson port grimaud
       After several drafts, here is the first logo that was to be associated with the lake city, as it appeared at the very beginning.
       Then, with time, the poison with 2 colours, blue for the head, green for the body, improved...

       The Blue represents the sea and the green the earth, the nature.

Port Grimaud is both sea and land, a lake city.

autre logo
autre logo...

barre Port Grimaud

Trademark :

       François SPOERRY protected it as a 'registered trademark', as well as the name 'Port Grimaud'.

       This stylised fish will be reproduced on all administrative paper, on the flags flying at the entrance to the port, on the town hall and on the architect's house when he was staying in PORT GRIMAUD, or on the many boats moored in the lake town.

       It quickly found its way onto various objects and souvenirs, from T-shirts to postcards, from key rings to ashtrays...

le logo de PORT GRIMAUD
barre Port Grimaud

Colour reversal :

logo PG1
       At the end of the 90's, a former President of the PG1 ASP, reversed the colours, the head became green on a blue body, in order to 'register' this new logo at the Inpi on 31 August 1998... This mark has expired as valid for 10 years and has not been renewed.

       This singularity, specific to PG1, has lasted until today...
     On September 3, 2022 the President of the ASSOCIATION SYNDICALE DES PROPRIETAIRES DE LA CITE LACUSTRE PORT GRIMAUD, Mr. DORGNON filed a new logo and it is a great joy because this logo, faithful to the original, will perhaps FINALLY replace the green headed fish. Un seul logo pour notre village lacustre, comme du temps de Monsieur SPOERRY !

barre Port Grimaud

Why change the logo? :

       In a company, change is very badly perceived by the clientele: (The "Gap" brand had to revert to its previous logo a few years ago less than a week after launching the new one).

       A change should be very limited by the addition of a detail that characterises a function (Very nice logo of the Marina for example with its anchor to indicate that it rents moorings)

       Changing for the sake of changing, for the sake of fashion, or simply to distinguish oneself from the other entities of Port Grimaud is not compatible with the soul of our lakeside town...

A single logo for a single PORT GRIMAUD !!!

This "mistake" should not make us forget the real logo imagined by the creator of the lake city...

       We can therefore sincerely thank Mr DORGNON for his initiative to 'find' the blue-headed fish for PG1.

le vrai poisson de Port Grimaud

barre Port Grimaud

PG3's MARINA logo :

logo Marina de Port-Grimaud
       Very nice logo of the former Marina of Port Grimaud III which had taken over the fish of the lake city

       On their website it was even more beautiful, more current and with a nice reflection in the water...

logo Marina de Port-Grimaud

barre Port Grimaud

The Yacht Club logo :

Le logo du Yacht Club de Port Grimaud
       The logo of Yacht Club respects the authentic colours of the fish.

       Lhe boundary between the blue and the greent varies between logos. The separation here is straight.

       The same rectilinear separation can be found on the website of Mr. SPOERRY's architectural firm.

Le logo du site Internet de M. SPOERRY
       In the 1990s, companies discovered the usefulness of a website but did not necessarily understand the layout: the logo of the Architecture firm's website (opposite) suffered from a lack of clarity...

barre Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud 3 :

logo PUB de Port-Grimaud

       On the official PG3 papers, the separation is straight.

       On sales brochures, blue and green are separated by a straight white border...

barre Port Grimaud

Flag :

logo PUB de Port-Grimaud

       How beautiful is our flag flying proudly in the wind!

       This one dominates the entrance to PG2...

       Under the porch leading to the Ile Ronde, a flag has appeared, a real standard giving this porch a small medieval side very nice...

le drapeau à Port Grimaud 2

barre Port Grimaud

poisson port grimaud      poisson port-grimaud>

     A logo was registered with Inpi on September 27, 2021 by the Association syndicale libre de Port Grimaud II.

barre Port Grimaud

  the work of François SPOERRY...

© Yves Lhermitte 2022   Reproduction prohibited without permission...