Construction of PORT GRIMAUD 2 et 3 :

barre Port Grimaud

vue aerienne de PORT GRIMAUD en construction
View of the land where Port Grimaud 3 will be built...
       After the Rond d'Eau district, the construction of the lake city continued through the shipyard, the rue de la Giscle, up to the Place du Sud, named since 2000 Place François SPOERRY. In the meantime, from 1978 to 1993, PORT GRIMAUD 3 was being built...

barre Port Grimaud

The elevation plan :

       Here is the elevation plan of the land where PG2 was going to be built...

You can click on the map to enlarge it...

       As early as 1967, when PG1 was being built, the architect was already thinking about extending his city.
       2 very different master plans were created:

       - The first one below is not of good quality. However one distinguishes clearly that it is not envisaged of "Rond d'Eau", nor of Shipyard, nor of bridges, nor of street, but several whole of buildings around basins or swimming pools...

1ere Ebauche de PG2
( Draft colored by the architectural office. Click on the plan to see it bigger )
barre Port Grimaud

       - The second one below, as we have seen before, did not see the day either. The Rond d'Eau, which originally was supposed to turn its back to the sea, has been reconfigured...

Ebauche de PG2
( Draft colored by me for a better visibility. )

       It should be noted that the mouth of the Giscle was to be modified by throwing itself straight into the sea. This was before the Marines de Cogolin, under construction, diverted the river's course towards Port Grimaud with a stone pier. Rumor has it that the architect, not being very patient with the Administration, decided to redirect the exit of the Giscle in the direction of the nascent Port Grimaud construction site...

       Note also that the PG1 pier was much straighter with a nice curve at the end, probably to install a small lighthouse...

barre Port Grimaud

Tranches 4 à 8 :

       Units 1, 2 and 3 received their building permits on July 17, 1969, September 18, 1973 and June 27, 1974.
       As we have seen on the page of the Interchange, the request for a Building Permit for sections 4 to 8, formulated on December 18, 1974, was refused by a prefectoral decree of August 14, 1975, on the grounds that this interchange had not been built.

barre Port Grimaud

Visitor parking at PG2 :

       A parking lot was to be built at the entrance of PG2, on the current site of the municipal parking lot and the Terrasses de PORT GRIMAUD building :
- On 3 levels with 399 places (151 for visitors and 248 for residents)
- or on 4 levels (3 for residents with 370 places and 1 for visitors with 151 places)
       The architect thought at the time that PG2 would be visited like PG1!

Plan parking PG2

Projet parking PG2
barre Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud 2 comes out of the ground :

       The shipyard soon became operational to ensure the maintenance and repair of the boats. A lake city had to have such a company within its walls.
       Then the constructions followed always while going up towards the grounds, street of the Sailors then street of the 3 banks, then street of the 4 Winds...

La pub pour vendre PG2

       On the first advertising brochures for PORT GRIMAUD 2, the emphasis was on the new features of the houses and the living environment.

aerien PG2
Construction progresses, section by section...

       The docks are becoming larger and greener, while cars are finding their place in parking lots within the blocks.

       On the banks of the Giscle, houses called "Borderive" make their appearance: Wider, a single floor, a room on the ground floor and a closed courtyard at the entrance...
rue des 4 Vents Port Grimaud
Rue des 3 Rives under construction...

barre Port Grimaud

New facades :

       New facades appear... These new sections have allowed the architect to create new houses, some with new solariums.

Plan de façades

Plan murs   Autre mur PG2
Sketch of the Architect...

Nouveau solarium à PG2
Nouveau solarium...
barre Port Grimaud

Rue des 4 Vents :

Maquette rue des 4 Vents
Model of the Rue des 4 Vents.

Construction de la rue des 4 Vents

On the picture above, we notice that there are no trees along the Giscle. Today, majestic umbrella pines have grown in some places, bringing shade and freshness to the south-facing quays.

Pont de l'île des 4 Vents

Construction de l'ile des 4 ventS

L'île des 4 Vents is the third phase of Port Grimaud 2. The construction follows the same principle as for the other islands: a sheet pile wall that encloses the land on which the houses and buildings will be built.

Iles des 4 vents en construction
barre Port Grimaud

L'Ile Ronde :

Port Grimaud sud en constructio
The Round Island begins to take shape...

L'Ile Ronde est construction
... as well as the rue de l'Eperon which will be the next completed section...

Rue de l'Eperon a Port Grimaud Sud

Porche de l'Ile Ronde
The porch leading to the future Ile Ronde under construction

Pont de l'Ile Ronde
The bridge of the Round Island...

L'Ile Ronde
... and the buildings surrounding the Ile Ronde beach
barre Port Grimaud

The PG2 Center :

       Port Grimaud Sud is composed of 902 houses, apartments and shops.

       These are located at the shipyard and on the right side of the Place du Sud, renamed Place François Spoerry in 2000.

Place du Sud
The South Square under construction.

Ile de la Désirade en construction
The Island of Desirade is starting to emerge from the ground and the South square on the PG2 side is finished.

Place de la Désirade en construction
The place of the desirade in construction...

Les maisons le long du Grand Canal
The houses along the Grand Canal are being finished...

Les maisons le long du Grand Canal

Rue de l'occident
Rue de l'Occident being finished

La Désirade...
Montage for an overview of the Désirade...

Port Sud en construction

The SOUTH PORT will follow very soon...
barre Port Grimaud

Gulf War :

       A recession in the early 1990s, followed by the Gulf War, slowed the sale of the new slices of the lake city considerably to the point that the architect had to suspend the construction of Slices 8B along the Giscle River.

       This is the temporary end of the history of PG2... I still hope to find new "elements" that will complete and enrich it...

       For PG3, the documents are rather rare unfortunately and I always seek...

Derniere tranche suspendue de PG2

La mise à l'eau de PG3 en construction...
The buildings of the Amarrage are built except the launching and the houses of the Great Basin which begin to leave the ground...
barre Port Grimaud

Postcards :

       the fountain of the south square is very beautiful and therefore it was often found on the postcards showing Port Grimaud south.

la fontaine de la place du Sud
No greenery in front of the fountain yet...

la fontaine de la place du Sud
barre Port Grimaud

Advertisements :

       The ETIGE company, in charge of the promotion and sale of the new buildings, published numerous advertising brochures.

publicité pour Port Grimaud sud

Pub pour la place du Sud

Pub pour la place du Sud

pub de la place du sud

pub pour le Fer à Cheval, PG3
These 2 brochures came to praise the new district of Port Grimaud 3, released from the ground: Le Fer à Cheval and its 3 houses of Master with swimming pool...

pub pour le Fer à Cheval, PG3
barre Port Grimaud


       The 3 entities of Port Grimaud have about 2,500 owners.
       But Port Grimaud is not limited to these three districts. In fact, Port Grimaud extends over the land that the architect had bought in order to build his lake city. Within the latter, there was to be social housing in place of the Septentrion garden, which was refused by the original owners.
       The architect was deeply disappointed by this refusal and, with the help of the Town Hall, he built a social housing estate, "l'Ancrage", on part of the public car park of PG1. He then built a new social housing building in Rue de l'Amarrage, opposite the municipal harbour. When the architect died, his son Bernard, the sole heir, built the residence 'Les Terrasses de Port Grimaud' in 2007, in place of the vacant lot in front of the entrance to PG2, which could have been called PG4.
       In 2016, the tennis courts, owned by the architect, were sold to a developer in Gap who built the 'Résidence Harmonie'.
       In 2018, France Telecom sold part of its land to another developer who built social rental housing, 'Le Clos de Serda'.
       All the 'original' plots are now fully built out, increasing the number of year-round residents from around 300 to around 800 today.
       To this ensemble forming the PORT GRIMAUD district, we must add the 2 housing estates bordering the entrance to the Avenue de la Mer (belonging to the municipality as the Avenue de l'amarrage), 'Les Jardins de la Mer' and the 'Vitrines du Soleil'.
       Port Grimaud is also home to 18,000 inhabitants in summer and 1 million visitors per year.

barre Port Grimaud

  The work of François SPOERRY...

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