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       Isabelle de Funes, niece of the actor Louis de Funes (she is the daughter of Maria, the actor's sister) is 24 years old in 1968, very pretty and does fashion photos for Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint-Laurent. She was living in Maison-Laffitte with her horses when Michel BERGER called her on the phone to invite her to do a test in the studio to record an album. At the time Michel BERGER was artistic director at Pathé-Marconi and was looking for new talent...

barre Port Grimaud

The cover of the "45 tours" :

isabelle de funes

Isabelle de FUNES :

       Véronique SANSON lui écrit de très jolis textes et musiques.
       At the beginning of 1969, Isabelle made her first tour, as a curtain raiser, just before Julien Clerc, opening for Gilbert Bécaud.
       She is of course entitled to the honours of "Mademoiselle Age Tendre", "Salut les Copains", magazines very popular with teenagers, and even "Paris Match".

       On 10 May 1969, his name appeared in the credits of "L’homme qui venait du Cher", a television musical western with, among others, Nino Ferrer, Françoise Hardy and Eddy Mitchell.
       In 1969, Isabelle released her fourth single on the occasion of the reopening of Port Grimaud, which, after three years of work, opened directly onto the sea.
       On the A side of the "single" is the beautiful song "Port-Grimaud" and on the B side the same song in instrumental. BR>
Isabelle de Funes

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       But also :        lyrics and music

       At the end of the 1970s, Isabelle became a press officer at Phonogram for, among others, Alain Bashung at the time of "Vertige de l'amour", then left France with her two-year-old daughter for Australia, then for Colombia where she lived for 20 years.

       An interesting page on Isabelle...

barre Port Grimaud

Brigitte BARDOT :

       For the new year 1968, the ORTF offered us a Show entirely dedicated to Brigitte BARDOT, the BARDOT show by François Reichenbach. In particular, we see her entering the emerging lake city, then singing in the Grand'Rue under construction.
       The music that accompanies his entry into Port Grimaud is a 28s. instrumental, signed Francis LAI and is called "PORT GRIMAUD".

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Brigitte Bardot inPort Grimaud

BB dans la Grand'Rue de Port GRimaud pour le Bardot show
Entre 2 prises...
barre Port Grimaud

Laurent VOULZY :

voulsy port grimaud

Lire les paroles de Alain Souchon...

       In 1978, Laurent Voulzy recorded a song "GRIMAUD".

       This song was on the B-side of the single "Le coeur grenadine". It tells about a trip Laurent would have made, coming from Paris at the wheel of a Citroen BX break opened by his cousin, accompanied by a girlfriend. She is beautiful but this escapade will end, for her, in tears...

       In an interview given to the newspaper "Nice-Matin" of Friday, December 4, 2020, Laurent VOULZY evokes the creation of this song "GRIMAUD" :

       " One night I was looking for tunes and couldn't find anything. I had put on a video tape of a rock concert, with the sound muted, to stimulate me. I fell asleep with my guitar in my hands.
       When I woke up, the rock thing had stopped and "La Gifle" with Isabelle ADJANI was on TV. I watched and when the film ended, it must have been four in the morning. In the process, without knowing how, I made "Grimaud" in an hour and a half.
       The funny thing is that, years later, Isabelle ADJANI told me that this song was one of her favourite songs of mine.

       Why Grimaud?
       When I was younger, I had seen photos of Port Grimaud in a magazine, I liked it a lot. And that’s where I went with Alain (SOUCHON) when we left our Parisian daily life for the first time, to go and write songs elsewhere.
       The boss of our record company, François DACLA, had lent us his flat.
       It was October, not too crowded, we were fine.
       We had made a friend who took us boating every day.

       There, we wrote Alain's album "Jamais content", which includes "Allô maman bobo". »

       Laurent and Alain were going to spend several weeks on the Place des Artisans, in PORT GRIMAUD, in the duplex above the BOUTEMY agency, to prepare this album...

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barre Port Grimaud



       The singer Christophe was very fond of PORT GRIMAUD where he came every year to spend a few days in the PG2 area.

       His kindness and simplicity enabled him to make many friends. He could often be found at the Grimaudoise or the Caravelle.

       On September 18, 2017, CHRISTOPHE surprised us with a very intimate concert on the terrace of the Grimaudoise. He interpreted, some songs on a beautiful grand piano, alone, then accompanied by his bassist Rachel, his pianist, then the band The PICKLES for a version of Aline very 'vitaminized'...
      It was beautiful, simple, confidential, intimate and MAGIC!


CHRISTOPHE a Port Grimaud


      Many residents gathered at Place François Spoerry for the last anchovy party of the year at Port Grimaud 2 and 3 on 23 September 2019. The band, a very nice duo, provided the musical atmosphere while people chatted, drank, nibbled, laughed...

      And suddenly he appeared, very discreet as usual, had a drink, willingly gave in to the game of selfies and then agreed to come on stage to perform a song for us: "Les mots bleus" he had chosen...
      But Christophe couldn't resist, with a conquered audience, the urge to continue with a 2nd and then a 3rd song!
      He offered, for many of those present, thanks to his "Puppets" and his "Aline" a reminder of distant memories, snippets of good times of a past youth... But there were also younger people who knew, almost by heart, his songs that have become classics in French musical culture!
      And then he left as he came, discreetly, to the loud applause of the residents present...

      It was a beautiful, beautiful evening... A little thanks to him!

Christophe left us on 16 April 2020. : We miss...

Christophe a Port Grimaud
barre Port Grimaud


      On 30 August2020, Audrey, the last companion of CHRISTOPHE, organised a reception at the foot of the pnt de la Désirade, in PG2, for the inauguration of a commemorative plaque. The singer lived on a boat, a real recording studio, at the foot of this bridge when he stayed in the lakeside town.
      It was therefore logical that this plaque should be affixed to this bridge, which will become the 'Blue Words' bridge.
      On that day, from the Ile Ronde, small boats, on which all the guests were spread out, some with a white rose in their hands, gathered at the foot of the bridge.
     Small touching speeches, small accompanying music including of course, "The blue words" at the moment when the veil, hiding the plaque, was removed.
     And back on dry land, the ceremony ended with a vin d'honneur, the glass of friendship...

Le pont

Inauguration du pont
barre Port Grimaud


      On May 24, 2007, the American guitarist Jim Spector, passing through Port Grimaud, recorded a video, sitting on the edge of the bridge leading to the rue des 2 ports.

barre Port Grimaud

  the work of François SPOERRY...

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