From the SCI Port Grimaud to the ASP :

barre Port Grimaud

       The 'Société Civile Immobilière de PORT GRIMAUD', created by François SPOERRY to build the lake city, was to be dissolved at the end of the work to make way for an 'Association Syndicale des Propriétaires'.

barre Port Grimaud

The SCI Port Grimaud :

       On the basis of the law of June 28, 1938, article 1, authorizing the construction of a real estate complex as part of its corporate purpose and with a view to a subsequent allotment in full ownership to the associates, SCI Port Grimaud was originally founded by 2 associates, Sociétés TERRAQUA and the Société REBAL. In 1975, after the transfer of the shares of the original partners, this SCI had a thousand partners, all of whom were jointly and severally liable for the assets AND liabilities of the company.
       In fact, the new purchasers of a property in Port Grimaud were owners of a group of social shares to which was attached the enjoyment of a lot, house or apartment.
       2 major inconveniences led a majority of partners to want to dissolve this company as soon as possible in order to transform it into an ASP; dissolution authorized by article 41 of the Articles of Association of the SCI subject to the completion of the real estate complex, in accordance with the company's purpose and the approval of the final construction accounts:
- Financial solidarity
- the impossibility of freely disposing of their property or mortgaging it as security for a loan.

       On the day of the Extraordinary General Assembly of March 29, 1975, the work was not finished. 3 buildings remained to be realized:
- The Bachelors' Tower
- 2 out of 3 parts of the Hotel Giraglia
- la Station Total        The meeting approved to isolate these 3 buildings and register them within the framework of 3 Daughter Companies, thus releasing the Parent Company from its obligation. It was able to note the completion of the real estate complex. The final accounts were ratified.

       The SCI was dissolved and replaced by the Association Syndicale des Propriétaires.

barre Port Grimaud

Toile de G. MONIN
This wash pochade offered to us by George MONIN, a few weeks before he left us, was executed in 1975. He had just bought a house on the Ile au Couchant...

barre Port Grimaud

Domanialté publique du plan d'eau :

       SCI PORT GRIMAUD did not challenge the ministerial decision of March 13, 1969 assigning the water body of the lake city to the State's maritime public domain. On 14 May 1975, it regularised an agreement with the Prefect of the Var for the concession of the public maritime domain. An annual fee was set.
       SCI PORT GRIMAUD did not object to this classification, considering that this classification was the consequence of the diking carried out on the public maritime domain and the opening of the port to the sea, a better solution for the exit of boats than the passage through the Giscle, the dredging of which would have posed, in the long term, significant administrative and financial problems. At the time, the state was considering classifying the Giscle River as a public domain, which would have had the same consequences for the city.
       However, the specifications of the new ASP of September 9, 1966 provided that the canals and the water body were included in the common parts of the Condominium and were to be delivered to the ASP.
       The classification of the water body in the public maritime domain was not preceded by the acquisition by the State of the land on which it is based. Therefore, the bottom of the canals and the stretch of water were always included in the common parts of the Corpopriété.

barre Port Grimaud

Le Canal du Nord à PORT GRIMAUD

barre Port Grimaud

The ASP :

       In order to create this association, it was necessary to obtain the release of the mortgages taken out in favor of 44 banking institutions that had granted loans to SCI Port Grimaud, mortgages taken out on the entire property of the SCI.
       Il fut demandé à Monsieur DELEVAL, géomètre, de procéder à l'établissement d'un plan cadastral afin de délimiter toutes les parcelles privatives et les terrains et équipements devenant la propriété de l'ASP.
       SCI Port Grimaud donated the 14 service units.
       The church was entrusted to a Council of Christian Churches of Port Grimaud which was to ensure its management.
       The ETIGE Company of Mr. SPOERRY's Architectural Office was entrusted with the calculation of the tantièmes of the Syndicate Association for each of the lots and the calculation of the thousandths of co-ownership for the collective buildings.

       New administrative documents had to be created such as the "specifications and statutes of the ASP of Port Grimaud".
       A Syndical Council, composed of elected co-owners, will have to assume the full responsibility for the management and conservation of the property.

le canal occidental à PORT GRIMAUD
Le canal occidental
barre Port Grimaud

  the work of François SPOERRY...

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