The Boat Show 1968 in Paris:

barre Port Grimaud

       Or how the then Prime Minister found himself with his feet in the water.

barre Port Grimaud

Var Matin :

       At the 1968 Boat Show, Mr SPOERRY had a stand opened to present and promote his lakeside town.

       The event was important enough for the newspaper Var Matin, in January 68, to present the event and publish a photo of the model...

       Note that one can see the mills on the beach, the nightclub at the end of the Ile aux Pins, the social housing along the Rue du Septentrion bordered by a canal going to the Place des 6 Canons and the water level opening onto the Giscle. These elements will not see the light of day in the final realisation.

Article Varmatin sur Port Grimaud
barre Port Grimaud


       This magnificent model of Port Grimaud on display at the show was going to cause some problems for the neighbouring stands :

       To make it more "real", the canals contained water !!!

       Unfortunately, the waterproofing was not very good, so the water was constantly being drained. So it had to be renewed constantly. A huge puddle of water formed under the model, flooding the neighbouring stands.
       The Prime Minister of the time, George Pompidou, who knew Saint Tropez and its gulf well, was particularly interested in this lake city project, and admired the pretty model at length... !

pompidou port grimaud
barre Port Grimaud

  the work of François SPOERRY...

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