Construction of the exchanger :

barre Port Grimaud

       This interchange spanning the national road had become compulsory in order to ensure perfect safety for vehicles travelling to or from the Cité Lacustre...

lLa voie d'accès à Port Grimaud
The access road to PORT GRIMAUD before the creation of the interchange
barre Port Grimaud

Only one outing for the 3 Port-Grimauds :

       In the high season it became increasingly dangerous for motorists coming from Grimaud or Sainte Maxime to cross the main road to get to the lake town, which had become a popular place to visit. It was decided to build an interchange.

       Faced with the growing success of PG1 and anxious to preserve the neighbouring land of the first entity from the arrival of new promoters, Mr SPOERRY created the "SCI Baie de Saint-Tropez" to buy these plots of land bounded by the national road, the river Giscle and Port Grimaud 1 and the sea. On January 21, 1969, this new company signed an agreement with the town hall for the construction of a real estate complex comprising 700 housing units called PORT GRIMAUD II. This preliminary agreement stipulated that the PORT GRIMAUD II complex was to have only one access on the RN98 with the PORT GRIMAUD 1 complex.

Purchase of land :

      The 'SCI Baie de Saint Tropez' was to buy the land for the construction of the interchange, i.e. 5 plots of land with a surface area of 6834m2 from owners who were not always cooperative.
       The building permits for the first phases of PG2 were accepted in July 1969, then September 1973 and June 1974. But the permit for the 4th phase on 18 December 1974 was refused by the Administration because the interchange had not yet been built!

Underground :

       The architect's first choice, which was in line with the local residents, was to create an underground interchange.

esquisse d'un échangeur souterrain
Sketch of an underground interchange

article du Provencal
Article of the Provencal of December 11, 1975

Aerial :

      However, given the technical imperatives of keeping the roadway out of the water, the risk of flooding from the nearby river, and the higher cost of the work, this idea was discarded in favor of an interchange spanning the national highway at a height of 7.50 m.

article du Provencal
Article on Nice Matin of December 11, 1975

article du Provencal
Article of the Provencal of December 17, 1975

Opposition :

       Part of the sand pit of the société Perruchini, was located on the future site of the interchange. This company tried to contest the expropriation of this part of the land...

article du Provencal
Article on Nice Matin of December 13, 1975

The conditions :

       The architect had to accept the conditions of the agreement drawn up by the City Council:
       - The interchange was to cover an area of approximately 1 ha.
       - A public utility inquiry was opened by the City Council on December 1, 1975 because it was necessary to expropriate the owners of the land located around the existing intersection.
       - The work was entirely the responsibility of the Developers.
       - The Municipality of Grimaud was the project manager.
       - Once finished, the work would become the property of the commune which would be responsible for its maintenance.

Text of the AGREEMENT

barre Port Grimaud

  the work of François SPOERRY...

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