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barre Port Grimaud

       3 videos of TV shows from 1968, 1970, 1971 on the lake city and the Bardot Show from 1968.
These videos are from the National Audiovisual Institute.
       And other videos about Port Grimaud...

barre Port Grimaud

Video n°1

Emission sur Port Grimaud: Living today on the ORTF le 18/06/1970 - 00h02m55s

Video n°2

Programme TWENTY-FOUR HOURS on the Chanel Two on 10/09/1971 - 00h02m06s
Video n°3 Emission CHEFS D'OEUVRE EN PERIL on A2 le 28/08/1983 - 00h03m46s.
         One can discover many plans of Port Grimaud, the interview of the architect JEAN BALLADUR, friend of François Spoerry and creator of 'La Grande Motte', of OLIVIER CLEMENT CACOUB, creator of the New Palais des Festivals in Cannes, of JACQUES RIBOUREL, ex builder of leisure residences and of YVAN CHRIST, author of several works on art from the XIXth century to our days.
Video n°4

         The BARDOT show by François Reichenbach on the ORTF (01/01/1968) - 00h47m10s

Show entirely dedicated to Brigitte BARDOT for the new year 1968.
         She is filmed at her home in La Madrague, in Saint Tropez, in Port Grimaud, in Paris and in London by François REICHENBACH and Eddy MATALON. She sings some old songs as well as eight new ones written by Jean-Max RIVIERE, Gérard BOURGEOIS and Serge GAINSBOURG.The tone of the show is set right from the credits. As the "Marseillaise" sounds, Brigitte, very naked, in waders, wraps herself in the French flag.
         Then photo session, bare-chested, arms hiding her breasts Brigitte poses.
         Particularly beautiful, she will appear in turn in outfits more sexy than the others: leather mini-dress, pink tights and brown wig, mini-skirt and curly wig, she does an ascensional parachuting tour (Mister sun), in hippie, Paco Rabane dress, and of course, in boat in Port Grimaud and singing on the quays...
Video n°5

The 'coches d'eau' of PORT GRIMAUD...
Video n°6

Port Grimaud, along the water - Mediterranean chronicles...
Video n°7

Presentation of Port Grimaud by the ASP1...
Video n°8

Aerial view of Port-Grimaud, exceptional images by Guillaume Voiturier...
Video n°9

A scene from the film "Le gendarme se marie" shot in 1968 on the Place des 6 Canons...
Video n°10

Video on Port Grimaud on the website "" (2016)...

barre Port Grimaud

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