l'Amphitrite :

barre Port Grimaud

       This magnificent three-masted schooner with square lighthouse was used as a training ship in PORT GRIMAUD...

barre Port Grimaud

The training ship of PORT GRIMAUD :

amphitrite port grimaud

       In order to symbolize the maritime vocation of PORT GRIMAUD, François SPOERRY bought in 1967, the Amphitrite, a magnificent sailing ship designed and built in 1887 by Camper and Nicholson, to be used as a Club House and as a training ship for the nascent lake town.

      He created a nautical club: "le Club de la Mer".

      The first cruise took place from 4 to 10 April 1968, bringing together 7 young girls and 8 motivated boys... The success was immediate and the cruises continued for two years.

      The crew consisted of:
                       a commander
                       a first officer
                       a licensed mechanic
                       three deckhands
                       a cook

Logo de l'amphitrite

amphitrite port grimaud

      This prestigious yacht was built in teak over oak. She originally had 2 masts and over 1000m2 of sail area.
      Its first owner was Colonel Donald Alexander McGregor of Somerset, UK, who outfitted the ship as a racing yacht.
      From 1893 to 1966, the Amphitrite often changed owners and fittings (electric lighting, steel superstructure on the foredeck, wood on the aft deck, then in 1915, two eight-cylinder paraffin engines; in 1919, a radio system; in 1956 she became a three-masted schooner; in 1964 she was equipped with two Volvo Penta engines of 95 hp each)

      Its 15 sails offered a total surface of 560 m2 for 350 m of rope.
      Length:     44,33 m.
      Width:         5,72m.
      Draught:  4 m.
      After 1970 to 1973, she served as a film ship.
      The interior layout was very luxurious, with a large period lounge in Cuban mahogany, 28 berths divided into 6 cabins and 2 dormitories, with washbasins, hot water, a kitchen, a library, etc...

     Today the Amphitrite is owned by a German association, Clipper Deutsches Jugendwerk zur See (DJS), which, after further modifications, offers its members, young social cases in the process of rehabilitation, cruises in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

amphitrite port grimaud
Toutes voiles dehors...
barre Port Grimaud

The Port Grimaud Nautical Club's 'ad'. :

pup de l'ecole de voile
barre Port Grimaud

  the work of François SPOERRY...

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