Extension Project :

barre Port Grimaud


       In 1989, the Mayor at the time, Jean Paul BREHANT wished to restructure the plain of Grimaud bordering the sea...

barre Port Grimaud

L'extension :

       F. SPOERRY was asked by the Mayor of Grimaud at the time, JP Bréhant, to imagine an extension of the lakeside city, in order to achieve an osmosis between the village and its port, which he did by drawing the Urban Plans of a SUPER-PORT GRIMAUD extending beyond the national highway, which itself was rerouted to bypass this vast project.

       But can we really talk about a real project? The architect was carried away by his wonderful imagination to elaborate this futuristic model while knowing that it would never see the day.

       This extension of Port Grimaud was to cover more than 50 hectares in the plain of Grimaud.

       This urban plan has been exposed for a long time in the town hall...

extention port grimaud

extention port grimaud

       The main square of Mr. Spoerry’s project was inspired by the San Marco Square of Venice and was to be the heart of the future city.

       This new large square had to open up a perspective in order to have the view of Grimaud and its castle on the horizon...

       The old main road became a promenade.

       This expansion, planned for 20,000 additional residents, included:

- a zone of the trades of the sea, including a village of fishermen

- a service and commercial area with a supermarket and a convention center

- 3 hotels integrated in the middle of the future houses along the canals.

barre Port Grimaud

The more detailed plan :

extension port grimaud
barre Port Grimaud

If François Spoerry designed this projection of his city, another famous architect, Riccardo Bofill, accepted the challenge by working on a different extension project. His entire staff went to Grimaud to inspect the site in order to create a new project. Which failed.

barre Port Grimaud

  the work of François SPOERRY...

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