Construction of the 6th phase :

barre Port Grimaud

       This 6th phase consists of La rue du Septentrion, work on which began in the autumn of 1968 and was completed in the summer.
       Originally, this section was to include social housing in place of the garden along the Avenue de la Mer. It was thanks to the programming of this social housing that François SPOERRY was able to obtain part of the initial financing (see the page: Financing)...
       The first owners who had bought a property in Port Grimaud before the beginning of the work on this section were very much opposed to this project and forced the architect to give it up, despite himself. In the interview that Mr Spoerry gave me, he came back several times to this impediment to having been able to create this social housing...
maquette Septentrion
A porch was planned to go from the Place des 6 Canons to the Rue du Septentrion.

Social housing in the place of the Septentrion garden.
barre Port Grimaud

       Work on the Rue du Septentrion began in the autumn of 1968 and was completed in the summer of 1969.
       It is composed of 34 houses, gathered in 2 lots, separated by a small port.


septentrion port grimaud

       In this 6th section, a new form of fisherman's house appeared with a 3rd floor consisting of a convertible attic giving access to a solarium.

barre Port Grimaud

The works :

chantier du Septentrion
Les travaux débutent...

vue aerienne des travaux
The Place des Artisans is taking shape and the first block of the Rue du Septentrion has been built...

rue du Septentrion
the 1st block...

rue du Septentrion
the 2nd block...

rue du Septentrion
then the bridge between the street and the Place des Artisans was built...

Rue du Septentrion

vue aerienne des travaux
The houses are finished...


barre Port Grimaud

fin 1970
Aerial view of the lake city as it looked in late 1970.
barre Port Grimaud

  the work of François SPOERRY...

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