Construction of the 2nd phase :

barre Port Grimaud
       "In designing Port-Grimaud, I wanted to rediscover certain constants of scale, the permanence of vernacular architecture that I had admired during my travels in Greece. I also wanted to state unambiguously that reference to traditional and regional architecture can lead to a creation and not to a pastiche..."  F. SPOERRY.

barre Port Grimaud

L'île de la Chaussette :

       It owes its name to its shape, which may remind one of a sock.

Maquette rue de la Tour
The models of the Rue de la Tour and the Octagon
Maquette de l'Octogone

La Chaussette en construction
Its shape is reminiscent of a sock...

barre Port Grimaud

       It consists of the rue de l'Octogone and the rue de la Tour. Work began in the spring of 1967. The first section was well advanced and reservations for the 2nd section were becoming more and more numerous.

      It included :
- 87 houses,
- 20 flats
- 12 commercial premises which were delivered in May and June 1968.

Construction of the Rue de la Tour :

La Chaussette en  construction
Aerial view of the works which are progressing at the same time as the Grand'Rue...

barre Port Grimaud

       Some pictures of the works in the rue de la Tour...
rue de la Tour en construction
Photo taken from the Place du 14 Juin...

rue de la Tour en construction
Rue de la Tour on the inner lake side...

rue de la Tour en construction
The tower at the end of the street was bought by Claude GRAF, a marine architect and creator of the water coches. He lived there until his death on 4 September 2015. ( see the page dedicated to him )
At first the Tower was made of stone... Then it was covered with an ochre plaster which it has kept ever since...

rue de la Tour

rue de la Tour en construction
Photo taken from the Place des 6 Canons...

rue de la Tour en construction
Rue de la Tour finished: All houses have been sold...

La canale s'anime...
Life also settles on the canals...

barre Port Grimaud

Shortcut :

octogone port grimaud   
To facilitate travel between the architect's offices, Place des 6 canons, and the nascent construction site of the Octagon,
a tongue of earth had been temporarily preserved, separating the canal into 2, and a passage had been created
on the site of house No. 39 in the Rue de l'Octogone.
Only the first floor of this house had been built forming a small ephemeral porch
under which one could come and go either on foot or with a tourist vehicle...
barre Port Grimaud

a continuity of creation :

       " Jacques RIGAUD, in his book 'Culture for Living', points out that from the Roman Empire to the first third of the 20th century there is a continuity of creation in every region as well as in every country.
This continuity, he says, applies to farms as well as castles, to houses as well as churches and public buildings. He sees this as one of the most profound manifestations of the solidarity between popular culture and elite culture... And Maurice CULOT thinks that it is absolutely necessary to prevent this solidarity from disappearing. My colleagues and I have tried to find it in our various constructions
..." François SPOERRY

Vue de la place des 6 canons

       The first body of water between the Grand'rue and the Chaussette was irrigated by a canal linking it to the nearby river "La Giscle". Work also began on building a pipe for a pumping station at the Place des 6 canons.
       (See the Windmills anecdote...)

barre Port Grimaud

Vue de la place des 6 canons
barre Port Grimaud

Quay of La Tartane :

       Concerned about detail and the environment, François SPOERRY designed the Quai de la Tartane in such a way as to integrate the young pine tree that he could not bring himself to cut down or move... This pine tree has grown enormously, its foliage obstructing the view from the balconies and loggia of the flats. It is therefore necessary to regularly cut back a few branches as the years go by...
       It was commonly known as 'Quai de la Tartane' because of the gourmet restaurant that had opened and whose terrace surrounded the pine tree. The restaurant has since changed its name...

Quai de la Tartane
In this photo we see the young umbrella pine, alone and already majestic, facing the street of the Tower under construction...

Quai de la Tartane en construction
In the foreground, the future church square can be seen...

Quai de la Tartane en construction
barre Port Grimaud

Many postcards of the time show this commercial quay :
Quai de la Tartane ouvert au public

Quai de la Tartane ouvert au public
The restaurant 'La Tartane' had become a popular place for residents and tourists alike. People used to party there until late at night !

Quai de la Tartane ouvert au public
barre Port Grimaud

       Work was progressing rapidly. The waiting list of future buyers was getting longer and therefore prices tended to rise.
       The third section, consisting of the rue des 2 Ports and the rue de l'Ile Longue, was already under construction, while the next stage was taking shape on the ground: The Place du Marché ...

barre Port Grimaud

vue aerienne de la 3eme tranche PORT GRIMAUD
All that remains is to bring the Rue de l'Octogone out through the porch and the bridge that will join it to the future Place du Marché, and to build the corner house next to the porch...
  the work of François SPOERRY...